I just realized that the new Jolla phone has been in pre order for my region for almost a month. I really need to get my hands on one of those when they come available.


So what is Jolla* and what is Sailfish OS**. Lets start with Sailfish OS.


Sailfish OS is truly open source mobile OS that has it roots in MeeGo. Yeah the mobe OS that was supposed to change the world before Nokia became a Micro$oft store. The cool thing about Sailfish OS is that it does not need full scale app market to be built from scratch. Android apps will work just fine or you can get the native apps when they pop up. The controls are based on gestures rather than small icons or buttons and it has real multitasking. Your apps actually keeps on running when you do something else and you can you can control your apps running in the background via these active covers. Again gestures, easy to use and full multitasking.


Couple of other things around the OS before we jump into the Jolla. Sailfish OS has it’s SDK out already. So you can go to their website (link at the footnotes), download the SDK and start developing your own projects and getting familiar with the platform. The SDK is available for Linux, Windows and Mac so pick your preference. It’s not meant to be just phone environment either. You might see Sailfish OS landing to tabs obviously, PCs, car entertainment systems, smart TVs etc. Current support is for ARM and x86 CPUs and it scales well from single core to multi core systems.


So what’s this Jolla then. Jolla is bunch of enthusiastic mobe people building ecosystem around Sailfish OS. They launched first Sailfish OS phone (surprisingly called Jolla) which should be available by the end of the year. But even they are coming out with their own phone they are trying to partner with all kind of gadget companies to build partnership and that ecosystem for Sailfish OS. They’re not like Apple guys who are like Gollum with their precious iThingies. These guys try to get everyone involved and make the best out of that openness. Really cool.


I was really sad when I heard that the MeeGo was killed and all that great innovation around it was effectively for nothing. Let’s hope that these guys, collectively on their own Jolla (which is Finnish word for those really small sailing boats btw.) can bring that innovation, joy and community back together.


* www.jolla.com

** www.sailfishos.org