So next steps of the project got together. I put the led strips around the bed and the Arduino controlling it. Also the Cizilo http server now gives the brightness values out and Arduino can parse them. The color change takes up to 15sec (the polling interval on Arduino) but I’m ok with that. The same output now controls the brightness of the LCD display. Just to make it bit more convenient for nights.


The http server returns two things in single JSON item. Format being { “downstairs temp” : “rWgXbYlZ#” }; W, X, Y & Z being the brightness value ranging from 0 to 255. This was just easiest to parse in the Arduino end.


Currently the LCD display gives the brightness values on the first row and the temperatures on the bottom. The one delivered from Cizilo at downstairs at the left and the bedroom, that is collected by Arduino, at the right. The first row is good for debugging as I still have anything meaningful to put in there. Maybe that could be good place to put reminders with the alarms or something like that.


I have been bubbling about the pictures. Still no detailed ones, but here is a video clip how it works: Cizilo Lights