I have been interested about technology and electronics since I was kid. I think I did not have a single electronic toy that was left unassembled during their lifetime. To be honest quite a few of them did not survive that operation either. Then I got into programming. Basic, Pascal, Delphi, etc. has been familiar at the times and forgotten as well.


I’m a hacker and nerd. I’m also proud to admit it. Don’t get me wrong, hackers and hacking has got really bad reputation due to misuse of those terms. There is great article covering this in TechRepublic* so I will not go into it over here.


I was thinking that it would be great to start hacking stuff again for a long time but the final trigger was when I got my first Raspberry Pi. The potential of GPIO pins in that little cheap computer got me thinking. I realized that I have old DVD player collecting dust. I had not used it since I moved to BluRay and sold all my DVDs. It had perfect power supply, plenty of room for custom electronics and some buttons and leds to use as user interface. I cannibalized that, hooked up the buttons to my RPi, used some connectors from it and built up a Internet radio for myself. You will be able to find more about that project in near future.


Suddenly I got really hungry. I realized what all I can do with it to get my mind out of work. I also noticed that the GPIO availability in RPi was not even close to what I needed to advance my radio to home centre. Obvious choice to fix that was to get Arduino next to it. So I got myself couple of them and started to play around.


Honestly even the basic components are cheap the amount of tools, bits and pieces you need eats significant amount of money. Of course you can save a lot by cannibalizing old junk what you have lying around but you always need something. I thought that as most of the electronics comes from China anyways, why should I pay for someone else to source it for me. Aliexpress** has proven to be really good place to source most of that.


I hope you get some ideas and inspiration for your own hacks when this blog gets some more content. Please don’t hesitate to give feedback to any of my posts.


Happy Hacking,



* http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/security/hacker-vs-cracker/1400

** http://www.aliexpress.com